Ringing in Oxford

Oxford must be one of the best places to ring, as there are 13 towers within half a mile of Carfax Tower (traditionally the central point in Oxford). These towers are looked after by various sets of people:

The OUS (Oxford University Society - us!) The OUS ring on Sundays at St Thos, Mary Mag and St Ebbes every Sunday morning and then also at New College and SMV a few Sunday evenings during term. Practices are at Mary Mag and St Thos.

TheĀ OS (Oxford Society) The Oxford Society are a group of ringers based at Christ Church. They look after the rings of bells in the colleges and University and cover the OUS churches out of term time. Practices are at Lincoln college.

The ODG (Oxford Diocesan Guild) The City Branch of the ODG look after the remaining towers mainly within the ringroad. The ODG is a large territorial ringing association like the others that cover the UK. Click on the links above for infomation about who rings at which towers, when they ring and how to get there! With so many bells to ring, there is inevitably an overlap between the three societies, but we all help each other out!