Oxford Diocesan Guild Towers

The Oxford Diocesan Guild (ODG) which is a rather large but otherwise normal territorial association and encompasses the remaining city towers (within the Oxford Citybranch of the ODG), and all the surrounding areas. See http://odg.org.uk/

OUS members are particularly invited to the practices at St Aldates, St Giles and Headington. If you need contact details for any Oxford towers or towers farther afield, just ask the Master or Secretary, who have ODG reports.

Oxford City Branch Towers

St Ebbe's No practice
St Aldates Monday
St Giles Thursday
Cowley Thursday
Headington Wednesday
Iffley Wednesday
Wolvercote Thursday
Marston Friday
North Hinksey Friday
Cumnor Wednesday

St Ebbe's


A 4cwt ring of eight, although they feel about twice as heavy due to lack of pulleys. They can be difficult to hear, particularly the trebles, but can be rewarding if rung well. We often ring here on Sundays after Mary Mag.

Entrance is on St Ebbe's street, near the Westgate Centre, the ringing room is through the door on the right, just inside the main entrance.

St Aldates


A nice 11cwt ring of six. The OS ring them on Sunday mornings and the ODG have a practice there every Monday at 7:30pm. This is usually aimed at Surprise Minor. Practice alternates between open ringing and silent ringing on the simulator. St Aldate's is situated on St Aldate's, opposite Christ Church. Late arrivales should stand outside the "back door" to the church, and wave at the ringing room window, which will usually be open.

Post practice pub: Royal Blenheim.

St Giles


A recently rehung and retuned 13cwt ring of 8 at the junction where St Giles splits into Woodstock and Banbury Roads. Their practice is on Thursday at 7:30 with ringing ranging from rounds up to basic surprise major. Entrance to the church is via the north door and late arrivals can use the intercom between touches.

Post practice pub: The Royal Oak.

Cowley, St James


A Post-War memorial, this light Six is both pleasant to ring and listen to. A new band was recently trained here and they ring rounds and call changes on Thursday evenings. Outside support is always welcomed.

From city centre head eastwards past Magdalen College. Take the second exit off Magdalen Roundabout (the Plain), Cowley Road. Some way up, turn right into Howard Street and then take the second left into Cricket Road. This turns into Rymes Lane. Carry on, up a hill at the end, to Between Towns Road (main road). Cross right over this into Beauchamp Lane. The church is a little way up on your right. Bikes can often be left in the church during practices.

Bus Routes: 1, 5, 5A/B/C, 16, 16A/B 
Time to bike from Carfax: 20 mins 
Time to bus from Carfax: 20 mins

Post practice pub: The Prince of Wales, Iffley, or the William Morris Weatherspoons on Between Towns Road.

Headington, St Andrew


This light Eight is easy enough to ring, with practices on Wednesdays at 7.30.

Take the first exit off the Plain. Up Headington Hill and turn left into the Old High Street. Left at the end into St Andrew’s Road (funnily enough) and the church is on your right.

Bus Routes: 7, 8, 8A
Time to bike from Carfax: 20 mins
Time to bus from Carfax: 20 mins

Post practice pub: The Black Boy just down the road, or the White Hart opposite the church.

Iffley, St Mary the Virgin


Here you find a more tricky ring of Six, similar in weight to St Aldates, but not nearly as nice. On Wednesday they practice the regular 5 and 6 bell methods starting at 7:30.

To find the church, take the third exit at the Plain. Go up Iffley Road, crossing the traffic lights. After passing a garage on your right turn right into Iffley Turn. At the roundabout turn right into Church Way and carry along here til you end up at the church.

Bus Routes: 3, 4, 4B, 4A, 4C
Time to bike from Carfax: 20 mins
Time to bus from Carfax: 15 mins

Post practice pub: The Tree Hotel.

Wolvercote, St Peter


These are a nice light Six (again!) although they are very loud inside. Practice is on Thursday at 7:30.

Head up the Woodstock Road. Turn left into First Turn Wolvercote. The church is on your right. The bus stop you need is the first one after you turn into First Turn Wolvercote. The band appreciates visitors to help them with call changes and simple methods.

Bus Routes: 6, 6A
Time to walk from Carfax: 35 mins
Time to bike from Carfax: 15 mins
Time to bus from Mary Mag: 10 mins

Post practice pub: The Plough, just past the church.

Marston, St Nicholas

Marston, St Nicholas

This easy-going Six suffer from a poorly-toned treble and a cramped ringing chamber, but go well. If you are over 6 foot, reconsider coming here, or risk bashing your hands on the ceiling! The 3rd is rather odd-struck. Their Friday practice, 7:30, caters for a range of abilities, and is the place to go for all kinds of Doubles methods.

Take the first exit at the Plain. Bear left into Marston Road at the Plasterers Arms. Turn left before The Friar into Old Marston Road which becomes Oxford Road. Cross over a main road (Marston Ferry Road/ Cherwell Drive) and continue along Oxford Road until bending right into Elsfield Road. The church is on your left.

Alternatively, head up Cornmarket from Carfax. At St Giles branch right into Banbury Road. Continue for sometime. Once in Summertown turn right down Marston Ferry Road (a quiet road). Once approaching civilisation once more, turn left into Oxford Road, bending right into Elsfield Road and to find the church on your left.

Bus Routes: 13, 13A/B/C (there, back)
Time to bus from Carfax: 15 mins
Time to bike from Carfax: 20 mins

Post practice pub: The Bricklayers Arms round the back of the church.

North Hinksey, St Laurence


The last of the light Sixes lurking around within the Oxford Ringroad, North Hinksey has a Friday practice, 7:30, where they ring a good range of methods to a reasonable level.

Go down the Botley Road. Just before the Ringroad turn left into North Hinksey Lane. Some way on the church is on your right.

For those walking or cycling there is a footpath that cuts through playing fields between Ferry Hinksey Road and North Hinksey Road.

Bus Routes: 44, 100
Time to bus from Carfax: 15 mins
Time to bike from Carfax: 20 mins

Post practice pub: The Fishes

Cumnor, St Michael


A lovely (groundfloor, 13cwt) ring of 8 just outside the ringroad with a friendly band. Practice night is Wednesdays at 7:30pm.

Head down the Botley road and under the ringroad (don't turn right onto the dual carriageway). Keep on this road up Cumnor Hill. When you eventually come to a T-junction turn right and the church is on your left.


Bus Routes: 4, 4B
Time to bus : 15mins
Time to bike: 30 mins there, 15 mins back!

Post practice pub: The Vine, with its friendly landlord and pleasant garden.