OUS Library

OUS Library

The OUS have a selection of books which are available for use by members of the Society. Please contact the librarian for more information.

Below is an idea of the books available - the library is currently undergoing a proper cataloguing exercise and more information will appear as that is completed.


E Morris The History & Art of Change Ringing 1937
J Camp Bellringing 1974
R H Dove Church Bells of Britain, 5th edition 1976
J J Raven Bells of England 1906
A P Heywood Bell Towers & Bellhanging 1914
W Jones, J Reeves, T Blakemore New Campanalogia 1975
F Stedman Tintinnalogia 1970
W T Cook The CUGCR, 1879-1979, A Centenary History 1979
M Bliss UBSCR: 1943-1999, A History of the University of Bristol Society of Change Ringers 1999

Reference and Teaching

J Snowdon Diagrams 1972
J Snowdon Diagrams 1978
J Snowdon Standard Methods, Diagram 1935
J Snowdon Standard Methods, Letter Press 1933
J Snowdon Grandsire 1973
J Snowdon Ropesight 1975
C D P Davies Selected and Popular Surprise Methods for 6 & 8 bells
R Fenton A Ringer's Notebook
E S & M Powell The Ringers' Handbook, 2nd edition
E S & M Powell The Ringers' Handbook, 10th edition
E S & M Powell The Ringers' Handbook, 13th edition
E C Shepherd A Handbook of Grandsire Caters 1964
M Hodgson A Symbolic Treatment of False Course Heads
J Longridge Composition 500 1979
R W M Clouston Scottish Rings of Bells 1970
X-Y-Z Bells & Bellfounding 1879
Criblines 1
Criblines 2
P Copson Sherbourne Teaching Aids: Follow on Book (5 copies)
CCCBR Collection of Plain Methods in Place Notation, 1st edition 1988
CCCBR Change Ringing on Handbells 1949
CCCBR Collections of peals: Section II, Group II (Even bell methods with a plain hunting treble): Plain Bob Major, Royal & Maximus, & Double Oxford Bob Major 1904
CCCBR Collections of peals: Section II, Group II (Even bell methods with a plain hunting treble): Plain Bob Major, Royal & Maximus, & Double Oxford Bob Major 1904
CCCBR Collections of peals: Section III, Group II: Double Norwich Court Bob Major, Caters, Royal, Cinques & Maximus 1908
CCCBR Collection of Doubles Methods 1963
CCCBR Handbook 1956
CCCBR Handbook 1978
CCCBR Collection of Principles 1990
CCCBR Minor Methods 1991
CCCBR A Tutor's handbook, Parts 1 & 2 1969
CCCBR A Collection of Compositions of Stedman Caters & Cinques 1961
CCCBR Ten & Twelve Bell Compositions 1972
CCCBR A Collection of Compositions in the Popular Major Methods 1966
CCCBR Touches of Triples for Easy Reference 1974

Annual Reports

Oxford University Society: 1882 (Reprinted 1972)
University of London Society: 1945-1949
Kent County Association: 1986
Oxford Diocesan Guild: 1954, 1955, 1955, 1958-59, 1962-63, 1970, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1989
Surrey Association: 1988, 1989
Sussex County Association: 1986, 1989
Peterborough Diocesan Guild: 1989
Ely Diocesan Association: 1991
Coventry Diocesan Guild: 1990
Derby Diocesan Guild: 1987
Essex Association: 1983, 1985
Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association: 1987
Llandaff & Monmouth Diocesan Association: 1987


Better Pubs, Oxon & Bucks
Herts and Bucks
Motoring Atlas of Great Britain

Bus timetables

South Midland Bus Timetable: 1986



49 copies of OUSCR form of festival service
17 copies of Psalm 96


In August 2013, the Society donated a number of irreplaceable Society documents to the Bodleian to ensure their long-term safe-keeping and conservation. These items can be consulted by University or readers card holders. The items are uncatalogued so cannot be ordered through SOLO. If you wish to consult any items, email specialcollections.bookings@bodleian.ox.ac.uk listing what you would like to see and when (allow 48 hours). Holding are as follows:

File names Barcode
Minute Books 1920-1924, 1924-1941, 1941-1951 605206740
Minute Books 1952-1966, 1967-1979 605206741
Minute Books 1979-2001, 1980-1981 605206742
Records of OUSCR 1930-1945; Master's Reports 1946-1964 605206743
Peal Book 1882-1974; Master's Reports 1964-1980, 1981-1996 605206744
Peal Books 1975-1979; 1972-1975; Peal Records 1882-1952 605206745
Peal Records 1952-1972, 1972-1978 605206746
Peal Records 1978-1986; Programmes 1951-2012; Annual Reports 1972, 1980-2000; Annual Dinners 1986-2006; Subscription Book 1966-1976; Office of Compline 1945; Rules 1936 605206747
Secretary's file c.1950s; Correspondence c.1990s 605206748
Photographs 1879-1993; Sign-up Sheets c.1990s; Address Book c,1940s-1960s; Correspondence, Addresses and Rules c. 1990s 605206749

Those members who do not hold a University or readers card and wish to consult material should contact the Librarian or General Secretary.