Bank holiday trip to the Ashmolean.

Good weather and a bank holiday on the 27th May prompted Jon Mills to suggest that the OUS have a relaxed get together. The only problem was this: We had no idea what to do! Due to a peal occurring in the evening that some of us were taking part in, anything involving alcohol was (sensibly) ruled out. After a  (slightly sarcastic) suggestion by the webmaster was made, a group of us met outside the Ashmolean museum.  

Not sure how much we actually learnt but the day was good fun, although slightly tiring. There was also some incidents involving a fish-shaped teacup stand, some white-coloured vegetables, a missing painting and a game that consisted of pushing coins across a board. Craig and Ben also found some amusement by creating their own coin, dedicating it to their new webmaster, who is not sure whether to be flattered, but is definately amused! 

We eventually moved on to the Western library to explore another exhibition on 'Thinking 3D: Leonardo to the present', and ended up in the café. A animated discussion concerning change ringing soon rang on.  At that point, we called it a day, and those who were taking part in the peal that evening went on a hunt for food. 

Until the next bank holiday!