Freshers' Information

Welcome to all new people at Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities starting this October - congratulations on getting your place!

Whether you can ring or have absolutely no idea what this bell ringing is we are the society for you - all welcome - read on for more details. Why not also email to say hello - we would love to hear from you.

If you can ring......

There is loads of ringing to keep you occupied in Oxford. You are very welcome at any of the ringing.
Practices are every Tuesday at 7.30pm and Sunday ringing is at 10am, both at Mary Mag (a lovely 7cwt 10).

Freshers' Practice.

Please come along to the Freshers' practice – Saturday, October 7th,  beginners practice at 2 pm (if you are new to ringing), experienced ringers practice (for people who can ring rounds and better) at 3.30 pm. We will be at Mary Mag. See the map below – everyone is welcome.


We also have regular members' practices every Tuesday at 7.30pm at Mary Mag.


It doesn't matter what you can ring – everyone is welcome.
We ring everything from rounds and call changes, to spliced surprise major and surprise royal. Aside from the ringing, we go to the pub after every practice, ring a few handbells, have outings during term, ring weekly quarters and peals, have end of term cheese and wine parties, a fancy annual dinner, and a few days away on a tour at Easter.

We also compete against other universities in the SUA striking competition, details for competition 2023 tbc.

If you can't ring......

Don't worry, we can teach you to ring – it is fantastic fun. You don't have to be sporty, or musical, or religious, or good at maths etc – just as you are is great. We have Learner Practices every Tuesday evening at Mary Mag at 6.30pm. See the map below for where it is.

Freshers' Practice and Learners' Practices - come and see.

Please come along to the freshers' beginner session in Fresher's Week at Mary Mag (see map below, time tbc) to see what it's all about. If you don't like it, we won't be (too) devastated if you don't want to come back. Why not give it a try?

We also have regular beginners' practices every Tuesday at 6.30pm at Mary Mag.

Apart from ringing, we also have lots of other fun things going on which of course you are welcome to come to! We go to the pub after practice, have termly parties, an annual dinner plus lots of other stuff.

Ringing looks a bit like this:


Have a look around the site to see what else we get up to.

We will also have a stall at the Fresher's fair (in Freshers' Week, dates tbc), which we hope to see you at. Also, feel free to drop in at the Freshers' or Learners' practices.

If you have any more questions please contact us, details available on the committee page.

See you in October!