General Notices

General Notices

Business Meeting Dates

The Society's TGMs are held on the first Monday of each term, and the AGM is on the last Monday of Michaelmas. Meetings customarily take place in Exeter College at 8.00 p.m. If you are thinking of coming, please confirm the venue in advance.

The University maintains a website for future dates at

Address List

The General Secretary maintains the Society’s address list, of nearly 330 members.

If you would access to the list, please ask.  

Email addresses are held on the website and by the secretary, but the master list is maintained by John Camp for use on the bulletin board.

21 members are currently lost.

Margaret Malpas has kindly circulated the colleges and persuaded most of them to forward letters or emails. This has helped us find several lost members, but if you can help us trace any of the following, we would be grateful:

Catherine Bannister, Rosemary Clark, Lucille Corby, Paul Crane, Lindy Ellis, Maurice Gray, Andre Gren, Sally Hawksworth,  Anne Lambert, Bill Lister, Andrew J Loveland, Jeremy McCabe, Melanie Milan, JD Mozley, David Newman, Nigel Sheppard, Richard Tapper, C Turnbul, AJ Vincent and Serge Zvegintzov.

We now face the annoying position of members going onto email then changing their email addresses without telling us. Please don’t be one of them!

Society History

We still have a few copies of the OUS History available to purchase. These are available for a £5 or larger donation to the Bell Restoration Fund. Contact the General Secretary to snap up your copy.

The Annual Tour

The Society holds an annual tour, starting on Easter Sunday and finishing on the Thursday. Volunteers to arrange tours are always hard to come by, so if you can help us please contact the Master, General Secretary or President.