A to Z

This is the OUS A to Z, detailing the collective wisdom of countless visitors to the page. If you don't like what's written, or feel that you can dazzle everyone with your superior terminology, please feel free to submit your suggestions. Please note that any terms which contravene OUCS regulations will not be published - we apologise for this obvious loss of functionality...

A Aled, Awash N Nadgered
B Battered, Brahms, Beered-up, Blotto, Buckled O Oiled, Off-your-face, Obfuscated, One over the eight
C Crumpled, Cabbaged, Caned P Pissed, Paralytic, Plastered, Pickled, Polluted, Picture-framed, Pixilated
D Donkeyed, Drunk, Dizzy, Dazzled, Dog-faced Q Quangoed
E Effervescent, Emotional R Ratted, Rat-arsed, Re-cast, Rotten
F Flibbertigibbeted, Flummoxed, Frazzled, Festated S Slaughtered, Sozzled, Smashed, Sloshed, Steamed, Stewed, Squiffy, Sparko, Soused, Stamina-crisis, Stretchered, Spannered, Stocious
G Guzzled, Gatted, Ga-Ga, Gee-eyed, Goo-goo T Tight, Trashed, Tractored, Trolleyed, Tangoed, Three sheets to the wind, Tired &amp, Emotional, Toured, Trousered, Toasted
H Hoovered, Horizontal, Hammered U Unsteady, Under-the-table
I Incapable, Incapacitated, Incompetent, Inebriated, Intoxicated V Vacant, Varnished
J Junked, Jodrell-Bankered W Wrecked, Wasted, Washed-out, Wellied
K Kalide, Kippered X Xeroxed
L Lashed, Lagered, Lit-up Y Yonked
M Müllered, Mashed Z Zebraed, Zonked